Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And boredom begins to set in..

I have been out of the hospital almost a week, and I must be feeling better becuase I am starting to get bored. Life in the Kelly hotel has a rhythm, nice and predictable; however, I feel like the couch might become attached to my bottom, i have spent so many hours sitting on it, but alas here I sit even now. This morning, I set a record by actually getting out of bed before 9 am, to make it to an 8:45 doctors appointment. The good news is that lefty is healing well. The plastic surgeons came to look at my wound and they are happy with the progress although it still has a long way to go. We negotiated our way to an agreed upon start date for radiation, which should hopefully, allow for me to start working on range of motion stuff first. Now we just have to find the right place for me to go in LA to get my foot zapped. However, my doctor still doesn't quite seem to get my sense of humor because she looked at me like I crazy when I asked if I could start using my crutches more to get some exercise. Oh well, I guess I have more couch time coming. I will just have to be happy with the progress that I am making and conitnue my wheelchair exercise.


Brenda B. said...

P.S.- Thanks for the pics! You look great girl!! :)

Brenda B. said...

Not sure why my first comment didn't post? Anyway! So glad to see your face in the pics and hear that you and "leftie" are out of the hospital and your way to recovery! We all miss you here at CHLA and all the nurses are asking about you!! Anyway you can email or text out your address so we can send love notes and well wishes?? Can't wait to see ya when ya get back! Take care!

KTP said...

Hi! Just commenting that I am up to date on the story. I am looking forward to seeing you back here!