Friday, January 5, 2007

T-minus 8 days

So, I realized that I forgot to post the important news on this blog. So, here goes, my surgery is scheduled for Jan 12 at Sloan Kettering in New York. So, I am now in serious countdown mode.

My mom and I are leaving for New York on Monday, Jan 8, and will be there a couple of days before the surgery to do the preop stuff, get settled etc. Oh yeah, and we are going to see Wicked- my one fun New York adventure. I fugure that I can't be in New York for almost a month and not see at least 1 play. I have been deep into planning mode for this journey the last 5 days. I keep making lists and checking things off of it. Un fortunately, every accomplished item seems to remind me of several more that I need to do. Currently the TO DO list is at 4 pages with about 2 pages worth of stuff done. Last Wednesday I finally finished all of my disability forms (well the first round at least) which was quite a saga and left me with the thought. What would I have done if I had to go immediately into the hospital. How on earth would I have been to gather all of the pages and pages of documenting infomration. I think that insurance companies purposely make those forms close to incomprehensible so that people will give up and not fill them out. Anyway, I digress. Hopeuflly, the rest of the things are easier to accomplish, but I am not so sure. We had at least accomplished the really important things like- finding a place to stay (although that now seems confused- thank you so much to all the people who have offered. I'll be in New YOrk a lot the next year or so, so I may take you up yet.) and finding someone to watch my house and my crazy neighbors. I am still working on finalizing a place for Sadie to stay etc. Like I said it is a long list, but fortunately, I have time and help getting it done. Alright, enough wasted time typing this stuff time to start checking off more things on the list.

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Dolores and Harvey said...

Hi Lisa,

Just got back from spending a couple of days with your mom and dad at Lake Arrowhead. Had a great time.

We want you to know that our thoughts are with you and we pray that you will get through the surgery just fine. After all, you are Irish! I have seen your dad bounce golf balls off trees and land on the green. If he can do it, I am confident that you can land on "both" good feet.

We send our love and support,

Dolores and Harvey