Wednesday, January 10, 2007

NYC Day 2

Yesterday I had my day of doctors appointments and preadmission testing. Definately not fun especially on 4 hours of sleep. Note- rant coming- We arrived into JFK Monday night around midnight after a perfectly enjoyable smooth flight on which we were even treated to a relatively new movie- Queen, which brought back quite a few memories for me. Anyway, once off the plane it seems that the BAGGAGE HANDLERS ELECTED TO JUST NOT UNLOAD OUR BAGS FOR OVER AN HOUR. I mean really no excuses, no explanations we all just waited until 1 am when they finally deined to get us our luggage so that we could be on our merry way. On the plus side, we made it from JFK to midtown in 30 minutes at that time of night.

Alright, thanks for letting me get that off of my chest. The appointments of the day went smoothly enough and the concept of preadmission testing was actually quite efficient. Doctors orders for today were to walk as much as possible as I am not going to be walking for quite awhile. Today, my poor mother got subjected to elder abuse as we headed out to walk around Central Park in the cold wind. Really, it isn't that cold for New York in January, but we are Californians. It was a beautiful walk and enjoyed the fresh air and sun on my back. I even enjoyed feeling my foot hurt as it got tired from walking. My dear mom was a very good sport with the whole thing. Actually we had fun and my mom still likes me. Tonight we are off to the theater.


zhchh77 said...

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KTP said...

Lisa! Beware! That looks like spam!

djkim said...

Lisa, glad to hear you're getting this thing taken care of - so glad there was an option 4! Enjoy Broadway, Central Park, and come back safe and healthy!