Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dr. Jeckle and Ms. Hyde

If you have ever been in the hospital, you know that it is not a quiet place, a restful place or a place of serenity. Ms. Lisa has been a great patient so far. She is sweet to the nurses and follows all of her doctors instructions. After being kept up all night by the visitors of her roommate, and not nearly a high enough dose of pain killers, Dr. Jeckle began to emerge. Lisa went nearly three hours without pain killers, when she hit her innnercom button and asked for her pain killer due from the pharmacy, STAT! (Apparently patients may say that too!) As she said, she channeled her inner b***h, and Dr. Lisa, with a patient who was suffering came out with a firm conviction. It is like the old saying goes, you need to have an advocate when you are in the hospital, sometimes its your doctor...and in Lisa's case, she's got Dr. Jeckle.

Needless to say, Lisa got a good night sleep and her pain went from a 20 to a 3, yeah! She was able to sit up today for a while and is doing some cool push ups while sitting in the chair. Lisa is finnaly up to movie watching tonight, so things are starting to feel a little more normal. Keep Ms. Hyde and Lefty in your prayers as she should be getting her pathology reports back in a few days, and if everything is clear, they will close up her foot.

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Brenda B. said...

Hey Lisa!!

Good to hear that so far you are doing well! You have been in my thoughts and prayers and we are all missing you here in California!! We are oddly having similar routines of gloves, scarfs, and jackets as it has been unusually cold dipping into the low 30's at night in L.A.!! Keep up the good healing!! :)
Love Ya!
Brenda B.