Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not really done!

Today I endured almost 10 hours of tests.  I was poked prodded, scanned, talked too and declared still healthy.  Great News, I know!

But, there was a but!  I hate exceptions!  Today's was pointed.  My achilles tendon is inflamed!  It has hurt after my last few runs, it is stiff EVERY day.  There is a spot that lights up on the MRI.  It should be OK, but it isn't normal and I have to be careful.

My surgeon says I am healthy beyond what she ever expected.  My sensation, my strength at my ankle given that my tumor was on the nerve is apparently amazing.  I love that, but...  The but is my ankle has been radiated and cut up, it will never be normal.  No act of will on my part will make it so.

I know I shouldn't be sad, but I am.  I want this behind me.  I want to not have limits placed on me; however, sadly my reality is different.  If I didn't respect my surgeon so much I'd have fought this, but I know she knows me, she knows my ankle, and she's worried.  A ruptured radiated achilles would be BAD.  I can accept limitations to avoid that. I can, really!

So, the good news I'm healthy. The bad news, I have to be careful.

I can deal.  Getting and recovering from cancer in my ankle woke me up from being in horrible shape.  A caution isn't a bad thing.  I'm good, really I swear I am!