Friday, February 2, 2007

End of Phase 1

I have been in New York for 24 days, I am post day 21 from surg #2, day 14 from Surg #3 and I get to go home tomorrow. Thus ends phase 1 in the cancer abatement battle of 2007. So far, I would have to declare phase 1 successful. All of the tumor has been removed from my foot, I still have and can feel lefty, its skin covering is growing in, all beit slowly. The goals of phase 1 have been accomplished. However, I hate being dependent and I hate wheelchairs. Those of you who know much about my personality can probably well imagine how I feel about being completely dependent on others. Fortunately for me I have been saved from going completely insane by this whole thing by my incredible parents who have helped me through every step and my amazing friends who have travelled from near and far to visit me over the past 3 and a half weeks. Thank you so much to everyone.

Tomorrow after we get home phase 2 will begin. I start physical therapy next week and hopefully can start some range of motion and weight bearing stuff with lefty. It will be hard work, but everyday I give thanks that I still have lefty and so the battle will be worth it. Phase 3 will start in about a month when I start radiation. The war may not be over but the odds are heavily in my favor as long as we follow course. Thanks for everyone's support through this electronic world, don't worry the blog won't go away.

Wish us a safe journey.

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Dolores and Harvey said...

WELCOME home! I'll bet it is nice to sleep in your own beds. We are so pleased to hear that all is going as planned.