Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lisa conquers Central Park and surgery all in one day!

Wow! We did it.

First of all, if you are reading this, Lisa is out of surgery and the surrogate bloggers (Mom Cindy and Friend Vas) have managed to get into Lisa's computer.

Aliright,"Lefty" did it!! After cajoling my poor friend Vas into going for a long walk throughout Central Part, we got cleaned up and went off to the hospital. We played cards while waiting for them to call me back. Then off to the O.R. while "Lefty" got the comupence (sp) for any pain that she ever caused me. Then at the end of it all, they put my foot in to a vacuum contraption and now we have to wait for the pathology reports to come back in order for surgery #3 to close up the wound. Now there is alot of waiting for the pain to go away. All of the doctors are very optimistic. -Lisa

While Ms. Left foot won't be dancing for a while, Mom has learned the "New York Dance": scarf on, coat on, gloves on. Go to destination, then reverse procedure: gloves off, coat off, scarff off. Repeat 25 times per day and your are exhauseted if you are a California whimp.-Cindy

If you have a glass of wine, a beer or even a tall cold glass of milk near by (for all of the expectant mothers reading now) I ask you to raise your glass or nearest sippy cup and toast to Lisa and her left foot. They have both been challenged over the last twenty four hours with surgery, pain and medications, but Lisa is already sitting in a chair for the first time. She still needs lots of rest, but Lisa has her spunk back messing around, but we all expected that. She is a trooper! -Vas

P.S. Please excuse any spelling errors and editing changes....the guest bloggers may have taken some creative license.


Dolores and Harvey said...

Lisa and Cindy...

We met with the gang last night to celebrate Hal Mills' birthday at Oakmont. Ray was there...we missed you Cindy...and gave us a post op report. Everything sounded very encouraging, but we are sorry you have to wait so long for the pathology report. We are sure you want to get on with the healing process as soon as possible.

We must have all been thinking along the same line, because we did make a toast to Lisa's recovery. It seems like we were clinking glasses all night long...Hal's birthday even though he looked a little scary, good friendship, good wine (Harvey brought a bottle of Three Sticks pinot noir, which everyone seemed to enjoy, but at the price he paid for it agreed he go screwed). It was a wonderful evening.

Lisa, get well soon and stay in touch via the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa.
Your Dad the Marsh's, Falkenhagen's and Barb & I toasted your operation and recovery at my birthday dinner at OCC. Hope all continues to go well with you .
Hal & Barb

Anonymous said...

Hi all -
I'm too lazy to create a google/blogger account - hopefully Lisa will laugh. I am thinking of you everyday and sending love to your foot and ankle and all parts that get sore during recoop.
Cindy - I appreciate the NY Dance. Now that I am married to a New Englander - I have learned the following which is not to be messed with: 1. Put gloves in your hat. 2. Put hat with gloves in jacket pocket. 3. Put scarf through the sleeve of your jacket. 4. Never deviate - and you always step outside in flash. I routinely forget and cause much havoc at the in-laws.
Vas - I am glad you are there.
Love to you all,