Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello Lefty- it is nice of you to register

Out of the hospital for 3 days and apparently, I have a social schedule. Thursday, my friend Kim took the train down from Ct. where she is visiting her family for a week. She was treated to the site of me in a wheelchair upon arrival to our hotel and then forced into duty helping me with my first solo dressing change. We carefully went through the whole procedure and studied my foot along the way; however, I was nervous that I would do anything wrong, so we went slowly and methodically. She and her friend, Leeanne, then took me out for a walk. It was so great to be outside and fortunately not too cold yesterday. We wrapped lefty in my mom's red scraf to keep it warm, but it really seemed to signal oversized load- note foot sticking out. See below.

Here we are on Park Ave

Other than that life in the Kelly hotel room has found a rhythm. We have played many games of Gin Rummy which are often filled with great laughter as my dad hums the Battle Hymn of Republic much to my mom's and my dismay. We have also doven into a puzzle, the whole thing reminds me of many a New Years Eve at my Aunt and Uncle's cabin in Lake Arrowhead when we used to challenge ourselved to ever more difficult puzzles while hoping to have snow fall so we could play try to kill ourselves on the tobaggon and then we would play huge games of Oh Hell. But I digress. All of these pursuits are passing time nicely. Plus, I have been lucky to have many visitors to help take some pressure off of my parents and break up the time. Yesterday, Tricia, today LT (formely LW). It is funny how much I focussed on 5 days of bed confinement, and yet it never really dawned on me that after bed rest would come--- more immobility. I am still supposed to keep my foot elevated at all times, and I really am pretty much relegated to the wheelchair for locomotion. Oh well, it was minus 3 outside yesterday with the windchill, I don't think I missed mush.

My mom and dad hard at work on the puzzle

In more exciting news yesterday, I was changing my dressing with more attention to my foot than the day before, when all of a sudden I touched my heel while applying the quaze and I FELT IT. Somehow, it registerred to me, OH, MY GOD, I CAN FEEL MYSELF TOUCHING MY FOOT. I exclaimed with great joy to my mom. I can feel my heel and then I suddenly broke into uncontrollable sobs. I knew that the doctor said she had been able to spare the nerves, but she had to completely strip them all of their covering, and really I hven't felt my heel normally sinse my last surgery so I had very low expectations for sensation to my heel. But somehow, that slow registering of the fact that I could feel my heel just overtook me. I know that it will be a long road back, but this - this is a major relief. SO, lefty thanks for registering with my brain.


Anonymous said...

Lisa - I am so happy for you and your feeling, and wish I could come visit too! (I will be in NY at the end of July for the NY Jewelry show - will explain later - if you have a need to be there). I have been thinking of you constantly, but have been working literally non-stop except for the hours I have been sleeping (or rather, trying to sleep) and could not find someone to take Jacks (I am now at work for the 12th hour this weekend). I also remember how exhausting post surgery recovery can be.

Do you have an address if we wanted to send notes, goodies, etc? Email if you do!


LD said...

Glad you have had a chance to see so many people. I really wish I could get up there as well... So glad you could feel your heel!

Anonymous said...

It was great to see all of the photos on the blog!! So glad there is sensation in the heel!!
It is so great to be able to keep up with all on the blog. Thank Lisa for doing such a great job at such a trying time!
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

I have tried to post comments on Lisa's blog, but my ineptness with the world of advanced electronics caused me to fail.  So Im sending this to you and Lisa(I don't have her email address), because I want to thank you for the blog.  I often go back and reread some of it because it is a fascinating account of an incredible life experience.  I see in the continuing account an amazing woman who has taken on this challenge and has made it into a growth experience.  I send my deep respect to her for her courage and optimism.  Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Lisa.  You are a Champion!
With lots of love,    Marty

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Wow! You are terrific. I am so happy about the feeling in your heal. When you get back - there is a picture of Auntie that I have to show you. You look like her in the hat and glasses.

Take care and much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! Kim really enjoyed her visit to the city to see you. I'm so glad you are doing well; I know that feeling your heel is a major milestone! Hurray!

Please send our love to Mom and Dad. I'll bet you'll all feel a LOT better-and WARMER!-when you return to Los Angeles.

Barb and Bob

Anonymous said...

Lisa,We are very excited about your progress. Hope things continue to go well. Are Cindy & Ray qualified nurses yet? The puzzle is a good time filler!!!!!

With Love.Hal & Barb