Sunday, August 31, 2008

You have to move out for 3 days
What to do?

Termites moved into my house. I wanted them out and despite my desire ot do so nontoxically, I gave in and got my house fumigated

Above is my house covered in its tarp while toxic chemicals were pumped inside. Thus leaving me with 3 days for Sadie and I to while away elsewhere. Sadie was easy, she went to the mountains with my parents. I decided to do nothing so simplistic. I took off on a brief tour of the southwest.

Day/NIght 1- I had to work. I had to pay for the fumigation somehow. I spent the night at the hospital and took care of my little charges.
Day 2 I wen tot my gradfather and did a puzzle with him and then loaded myself into the car and drove to Vegas where i met up with some friends. we stayed at the Bellagio and got to watch this out of out window.

Then we went across the street to Planet Hollywood and saw Sheryl Crow in concert. James Blunt opened for her and it was a fantastic show. Our seats were awesome and Sheryl Crow is amazing live. Then i played black jack.

Day 3- After wandering aroudn the strip for a little while I loaded back up into my car and drove to Lake Arrowhead. Spent the night there. Sadie helped me ski and we went for a hike.

Day 4- back home, dirty, tired just wanting a bath I discovered that the gas company had neglected to turn my gas back on like they were supposed to and i had to take cold showers. Hence the letter below. Oh well, my gas is now back on and i had a great weekend even if I drove close to 800 miles. It was fun. Thanks

Monday, August 25, 2008

Open Letter to the Gas Company

Dear Gas Company,

I hate you, you are incompetent. I wish you had competition.

Love, Lisa

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maybe this is the reason

When I went through my list of can I do the following things again with my doctor- there was one things that both she and my friendly sarcoma doc both balked at, which was water skiing. The concern being that Lefty is strapped into a tight boot and might not come out if I fell putting too much torque on my poor little ankle. I didn't push the issue too much because I hadn't really been water skiing for a long time and i had really lost that skill not because of my ankle and surgeries and radiation etc., but because I let myself get fat and out of shape. However, over the past few months as I have watched skiers go around Lake Arrowhead, I started to long to ski again. I repeated my doctors advice to many people trying to not make me feel so bad and make me believe it, but I have to admit that I really wanted to try. Then a couple of weeks ago I had abunch of friends up to Arrowhead and I had offered to take anyone skiing or wakeboarding who wanted to go. After a couple of hours of pulling several people who wanted to ski (successfully teaching one who had never done it before), I really wanted to get in the water. Then the two people who were successful hatched the plan of getting up early the next day to ski on smooth water, so I hatched my own plan to ski again. I put my ski in the boat, convinced a friend to drive and off I went. Sitting in the water behind the boat ready to start I felt confident and happy. When I got up just like i had done it yesterday, I grinned from ear to ear. I swerved in and of the wake completely in control. Lefty handled it with no problem, and I rejoiced. I debated keeping it a secret because I didn't want to deal with people getting mad at me, but I couldn't. I am too happy about it. I even convinced my dad to pull me yesterday and my watching parents smiled too.

This somehow seems so monumental because this I got back through hard work and determination in the gym. I can water ski again because I have gotten myself back in shape. I work out on average 5 days a week, i have lifted more weight then I would have thought possible. I have done some crazy exercises and it is paying off. Today, the following thought occurred to me.... In the early days of getting my diagnosis, i felt that someday I'd realize the reason behind this whole thing. I believed that there was a purpose, if only I could find it. Now, I think maybe the purpose was to jolt me out of complacency at letting myself get fat and lazy and make me get fit. If that is to be the good that is to come out this, I'll take it.