Monday, October 22, 2007

Haven't We Been Here Before?

California is burning again! I sit here watching the news hoping to find out what is going on in the regions that effect people I care about, yet the scope of these fires is so overwhelming. There are fires everywhere, it really is insane. They are saying that many are arson, I just don't get it. I think maybe there are some crimes for which stoning should still be the proper punishment, or maybe burning at the stake. People are losing their homes, their memories, and even their lives.

My brother's in-laws have been evacuated from their home in San Diego and are staying with my brother. I have no info on the state of their home, although I am praying for them. There are many others at risk. It is so eerily familiar as 4 years ago, I watched a similar series of news reports as the fire was burning up the San Bernadino mountains threatening my beloved Lake Arrowhead. Tonight, that fear is recurring. There are fires in Lake Arrowhead. I have written before about what Arrowhead means to me, but I am not sure that I can ever actually describe what that place has meant to my life. My parents home is currently not so threatened, but they have limited personnel to fight this fire, and fires in the mountains are dangerous. The thought of it burning makes me sick to my stomach. I can only have faith.

Who says California doesn't have seasons. We do- fire season, flood season, earthquake season, smog season. It may not be famous for its colors or weather, but seasons nonetheless. Please pray for those whose homes are threatened or have already been lost and for those who are fighting these fires.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa -

When NPR mentioned Arrowhead on their coverage this AM, that jolted me wide awake. We are praying for you, and Kimmy, and Julie and all of your families.

Stay safe.