Sunday, October 7, 2007

Full Circle

One year ago (in a few weeks) I went on my annual pilgrimage to South Bend. It was the weekend of the ND-UCLA game, also the weekend before my 1st surgery. Of course, then I couldn't possibly have imagined what was in store for me, but alas, I specifically scheduled the surgery to be after my trip to South Bend adn long enough before the ND_SC game at hte Coliseum so that I would be able to go. Funny to think about now- but alas true.

So, the ND-UCLA game 2006 was one for the record books, ND won in a stirring 4th quarter come-from -behind kind of way. The type of college football that you remember for a long time and people will talk about persistently.

One week after my 1st surgery, I started physical therapy and I informed my PT that I was goign to the ND-SC game and that our goal for PT was to get me up to the 87th row of the Coliseum in a month. He understood the goal and I worked hard and I made it. Alas, the football team didn't show up. The game stank, but hey I made it crutches and all and we had fun.

Yesterday, a bunch of my college friends, all ever hopeful ND fans gathered at the Rose Bowl to watch unvictorious (the opposite of undefeated) ND team play UCLA. We are all so spread out that any time we are together it is fun, but the line on hte game was not in NDs favor. However, we filed into our seats in the 6th row (thanks Matt) and cheered our little selves hoarse and what do you know ND actually won 20-6. (just in case you live in a bubble and don't know that)

There you go my year as a patient bookended by Irish vicotories over the Bruins.

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Katie said...

Yay for the Irish! And your recovery!!