Monday, June 4, 2007

This Just In

Yes, there is late breaking news from the left foot girl. Here goes, I have officially just emptied my house of my last vestige of orthopedic medical supplies. I know that you have all been spared the amount of help that I have needed with my activities of daily living, and don't worry I won't go into that now. However, spend about two seconds and think of all the time you spend standing doing every day things... showering, cooking, brushing your teeth etc. OK, you've got the picutre, there was even more once upon a time (but I really won't go there) but lately it has been that kind of stuff. So, the shower chair got banished the day after I return from trip 3 to NYC, the crutches didn't come out of the garage a few days later, the bar stool in the kitchen got put back to the bar two days ago, etc. My garage now looks like a medical yard sale. Today, I even removed the contraption that kept the bedsheets off of my foot. So, the remaining main adaptation that I have to make for normal daily things (those lovely ADLs) is that I still really feel better with two chairs, one for me and one for lefty. Although, it isn't as essential as previously. Progress I say progress.

So, now what to do with all of this junk (oh, sorry essential medical supplies). The optimist in me wants it out of my house, like yesterday, along with the crutches that it all rode in on. Thankfully, that hateful wheeled contraption (AKA wheelchair) has already been taken away. Some things have to go back where they came from ie. the bedsheet device came from a medical warehouse/ freecycle thing where you donate what you don't need anymore and sign out what you need. So that should go back there. But what to do with the rest of it all, I really want it to go to people who couldn't afford it. I have thought about trying to doate it to my friendly Nicaraguan charity, which is my favorite idea because it is near and dear to my heart and they are so needy, but there is the whole transportation thing. I have a friend who works at a free clinic, so maybe it could go there. I don't know. Suggestions? I just know that I am glad it is the heck out of my house and I want it out of my garage ASAP.


Anonymous said...

I vote for the free clinic! They probably would have someone who could come to get it; it would be gone sooner; not cost you anything to rid your house; and it would go to those who really need and can't afford it.


(I spent Sunday night bagging up the final remains of infant stuff and shoving it into the crawl space under the porch. DEFINATELY full of different emotions.)


Anonymous said...

I think you should BURN it as a symbolic finality! Move on and say you're never going back to it. If your practical self conscience enters the mind, then send a check to a charity for whatever this "junk" might be worth.

Always forward!
Your family friend, Vince Scott