Monday, June 25, 2007

And yet so far to go

If my trip to the mountains reminded me of how far I have come then the past two weekends have reminded me of how far I have yet to go.

The past two weekends, I have gone to perfectly normal work/social engagements. I have attempted to prepare myself for the events, and engineer it so that my inability to stand has the minimal impact by commandeering a central table with a few other people and then have people come talk to me. You see no more circulating for me. Nope me and lefty claim our two chairs and pretty much stay put. OK that was fine. However, I hate being relatively isolated at a party, I want to wander and talk to people etc. So, when I couldn't take it anymore I went to wander a little (emphasis on the little here people) and my foot felt like it might explode. So, back to my chair I went, learning my lesson. All pretty good so far, but then the end of the parties arrive and you have to do the saying good-bye thing. Which again requires, yes you guesssed it- standing, so by the time I got to my car Lefty was mad at me. Then comes the drive home, consequently by the time I took my lovely granny sock off Lefty was screaming. As if he was saying, hah- you thought that you could go back to not thinking about me, but no way. I'm here and I don't like to be down yet.

So, there it is although I celebrate all of the things that I can do now, I try so hard to have patience for that which I cannot yet do, but patience is hard.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there - you are doing great - neg scans, the stairs at Arrowhead, all of it.


Jeanne said...

Lisa--have you named this foot? Lefty? Maybe you should capitalize it?

You know I named my boob Jabba, right?

Let me find the link to the photo. Here it is:

Happy Friday.


Lisa said...

NIc thanks for the support. I need to find patience, but I am not sure I ever had it.

Jeanne, thanks for the editting. Yes, LEfty is my foot/ ankle and s/he should clearly be capitalized as he certainly has opinions these days.