Friday, June 22, 2007

Mountain Air

One of my favorite places has always been Lake Arrowhead. I started going there when I was about 4 and since that time have countless memories of family events, trips with friends, hiding to study, or escaping for some alone time etc in that little corner of lake arrowhead that V-L calls Lepercahn cove as opposed to the real name of the bay. I haven't been able to get up there much this year for obvious reasons, but this week i acutally had two contiguous days without a single appointment and so off I went. The last time that I was up there was when V-L was visiting me/ taking care of me and I was still on crutches. However, as I am bullheaded and stubborn, I managed to find a way down the kazillion stairs and along the short mountain trail to the dock for a brief respite. Totally worth it, but hard, so very hard. So, on that trip any of my usual mountain pursuits were totally out.

Now, just 5 weeks later, I returned and immediately headed out for a long, yes long as in almost 2 hours- relax I had to take about a 45 minute break in order to make it back- walk around the lake with Sadie who ran up and down the hills with such unexalted joy.
We actually made that walk each day followed by the subsequent rest and icing time and a little advil, but made it nonetheless. I even took the boat out for a spin around the lake and went for a short swim. The trip was just what I needed. It reminded me that while I still have a long way to go, I have come so very very far.

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