Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Walk in the Hills

Let the record show that slightly less than 2 months after surgery #2, and about 3 weeks after banishing my wheelchair in favor of more independent forms of locomotion, I was able to take Sadie for a mile long walk yesterday!! I opted for my cane in lieu of the crutches, and Sadie seemed to recognize that I am not completely stable so she didn't pull on her leash and we actually managed to make the shorter circuit around my neighborhood even with a few hills. I can't even describe how happy being able to walk again makes me. It seems like the end of this whole event is drawing to a close and I really well get to do the things I enjoy again. Of course, said walk which used to take 15- 20 minutes depending on how many times Sadie stopped to smell the grass, flowers, cement etc. took almost 45 minutes last night and left me so exhausted that I had to sit on the couch for about an hour afterwards. But hey, I am not going to get stronger if I don't push myself a little, right.

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Anonymous said...

Great Job!! but be careful....