Thursday, March 22, 2007

My first tatttoos

So, I officially entered phase 3 today with the obtaining of my first tattoos on my ankle.

Today, I made my little way to Westwood in less than 1 hour at rush hour thank you very much- note it took an hour and a half the other day ( or really thanks ot my dad for scouting alternative routes). I waited a few short minutes and then they took me back into a room and began the process of simulation. The whole things means that they took all kinds of xrays of my foot, studied the angles and decided how best to treat my foot. Meanwhile I was laying on an unpadded xray table at an awkward angle with my hips and lefty crying out for a different position while the simulator lady cajoled me to please not move, over and over again. If that sounds like fun to you, you have a warped sense of humor, but really it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. When they were done with deciding how to radiate lefty they came her with a tattoo needle and marked the spots so they could find them again. (In an aside, the tattooing thing hurt. I have at various points in my life considered getting a tattoo, but always chickened out or let saner minds prevail. Maybe just because lefty is sore anyway, but those little dots hurt.) They then declared simulation done and you are free to go. Well, thank goodness I had a drivers, because after holding lefty in one posiiton for two hours, she hurt and I had a headache. Oh this is so fun. I start the actual treatments next week. Later than was the goal, but hey we are back on track.


Anonymous said...

Lisa -

Good news that you are finally moving forward. Sorry, yesterday sounds rough.

I will be in the car from about 1 PM CT for about 4+ hours with no child, so if you want to chat, give me a call. Will be driving through rural areas, though, so am not sure about reception.


Anonymous said...

Good luck today!


Anonymous said...

Kelly, my daughter, just got her first tattoo...a shamrock on her foot..of all places! I was thinking of you when she got it. Last year she smashed and broke two toes and has finally healed from that...I think that's why the tattoo didn't hurt much...
Take care,

Mary Watson

Anonymous said...

Hi Cuz,

Just got caught up on your blog. We saw Kevin, Meghan and the kids over the weekend as Jack Thomas was baptized. I can't wait for you to meet him, he is a cute little bugger.

As always, sending good thoughts your way.