Wednesday, February 28, 2007


My mantra that I get better everyday, continues to be true and even though each day it feels almost imperceptible the big picture is better. A major testament to that is that I have decided that I am well enough to deal with the stairs etc. at my house. So, by the end of this week I will be back home at least for now. I am incredibly grateful to my parents for their wonderful hospitality and care over the past two months, but it is time to sleep in my own bed. yeah!!


djkim said...

Hey Lisa,

Congrats on getting that much closer to things being back to normal. Normal is good! Hope Sadie is keeping you in good company.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
You have only been gone a couple of hours and I know how happy you are to be home. Just wanted to tell you, in case we forgeot, how proud we are of your determination and courage. I know you will be just fine at the end of the day.
You are blessed with a fighting spirit and wonderful friends. And we love you.
Love Mom and Dad