Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Back in Cali

We made it back safely to sunny Southern California and are enjoying the fact that it is about 60 degrees warmer here than in New York. The first day back, I sat out on my parents porch and read for hours just being happy to feel the sun on my back and the gentle breeze and I remembered why we put up with LA's issues to live here. My parents are extremely happy to be back in their own home, and we are all appreciating the weather and more space. While, I am anxious to be able to get back into my home, I need to be much better before I can handle the stairs that are so plentiful there. For now, I just am glad to be one step closer and have my own room on the ground floor.

Yesterday, my dad went and picked up Sadie from her puppy vacation at the beach with my brother and his family. My neice let Sadie sleep with her every night, and I am not sure who liked that more. It is great to have Sadie back with us, and I am incredibly thankful to my brother and his family for keeping my pesky, untrained dog for a month and miraculously even getting her to eat twice a day.

Phase 2 officially began today wtih my first physical therapy appointment. It will be a long, long road, but hey at least I'm on the road with two feet even if they are in a wheelchair.


ld said...

Glad you are safely back home. Bet Sadie was glad to see you! Good luck in Phase 2.

Love, LisaD

djkim said...


Welcome back! It's great to hear that you are well. You're a hero! Good luck with the rest of rehab!