Friday, February 16, 2007

Hello Crutches

I haven't had much to say lately, because it seems like every day is the same or a variation of the one before it. I have my activities- PT, reading a book, playing with my dog, working on a masochistic puzzle etc. I pretty much do the same thing each day. I delight in the days with a variation in the schedule- book club, going to lunch with friends etc. These things change the monotony and make the day seem different. I shouldn't sound morose- because I am not. Things really are looking up in the house of lefty- This is why-

1. I GET TO START USING CRUTCHES- Who knew I could be so happy about that, but I hated that stupid wheelchair, so crutches are so much better. Plus, it means that my foot is healing well. Someday, I will share pictures of my foot, but not yet don't worry

2. I made it up the flight and a half of stairs required to go to my own home twice this week. That my friends is a serious accomplishment. It was so nice to be back in my home and see how things are.

I think I started with 3 but I no longer remember what 3 was- oh well, the first two are enough

So, see - no sad, melancholy state here, but sometimes you just have to look back with perspective to see the accomplishments reached. Let's hope that the progress continues.


Kathryn said...

I am so happy for you with your accomplishments! We're all thinking about you and cheering you on from the cold confines of Chicago!

Anonymous said...

There is a spritual aspect to climbing stairs, a ladder or a mountain. With each step you get closer to your goal, but you also get to look back on where it is you came from. On the heavenly journey, each step is that much harder than the last, because the weight of your experiences pulls you down, but that much more joyful when you can remain focused ahead of you and the goal is achived. Eh, it is the beginning of Lent for both east and west this year, so I though I would throw in a little Lenten metaphor. Keep climbing! v-l