Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas- a little belated

I have been trying to come up with some kind of a witty post about Christmas. However, the truth of the matter is that I just feel wittied out. My parents and I travelled down to San Diego for Christmas at my brothers house. It was a wonderful 3 days of family celebration. One image that is stuck in my head is my niece (6) and nephew (almost 4) trying to enjoy their snow bogey boards, a gift from Santa, by riding them down the stair case together. What really sealed that moment was them wearing helmets, not fastened, after we all heard Addie question if the above activity was safe. Now I know that they just wanted to play wtih their new toys, and I fully know that Kevin and I would have done the exact same thing 30 something years ago but without the helmets. It was really too cute to be missed.

However, the moment worthy of this blog came on arrival to my brothers house. As we were unfolding from my mom's car after the long drive, my little nephew was standing at the door waiting for me to get out. Upon seeing me with two shoes and no crutches (a great improvement from Thanksgiving), he threw himself around me and declared, "Aunt Lisa your'e all better." It was all I could do to hold it together, because while I seem all better on the outside and certainly to the eyes of a 3 year old I'm better.- I can walk again, I am wearing normal shoes ( albeit less cute then my usual standard), but yet I feel so far from all better. I have tried to take this whole thing in stride and not let it eat at me. Everyone keeps telling me how impressed they are at how I have handled this. However, there are moments that it hits me full force. -- My life will never be the same again. From this moment on- this little episode will always be a part of me and my history. Sometimes, I can hardly take the thought of it. So, while I chose to embrace my nephew's enthusiasm that yes currently, physically, I am better than I was a month ago, inside my heart cried out to really be "all better".

The good thing about having little kids around, especially at Christmas is that their enthusiasm and joy is contagious. So, a warm happy holidays to all.

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Cousin Mary said...

My heart's crying, too! Thanks for sharing. 45 years on this planet and I'm still trying to figure out what "all better" means, too! I guess I need to go back 42 years!
Being New Years day I'm sentimental for those carefree Lake Arrowhead days in the snow and playing games til midnight. We almost killed ourselves on that toboggon! (Just like the Kelly kids going down those stairs on the snowboards...some things never change!)
Take care and hang in there,