Thursday, December 21, 2006

Option 4

When I met with the ortho oncologist here in LA he described 3 options for taking care of this nasty business. The 3 options were all bad- Here's a summary:
1- do nothing, see if it comes back and accept that if it comes back it will have a high likelihood of metastisizing and with the old dx it would be untreatable except to resect (My boss said he never wanted to hear about that option again and neither do I)
2- amputate my foot, thereby removing the whole thing,
3- reexcision of the ankle which would leave me with my foot, but I wouldn't be able to feel it and I wouldn't have complete control over it.

As you can see all 3 options were bad and that is why I celebrated getting a new diagnosis. Still I desparately wanted an option 4. Something else, anything else. Becuase none of the above options were working for me. So, I spent a week arranging to send my stuff to Sloane Kettering. I talked to my friend who works there almost every day, my pathology went to New York, and I prayed. When I found out that they had rediagnosed my cancer as the liposarcoma, I thought maybe my prayers were answered and I hoped that it meant we would find option 4.

Off to New York I went with my dad, hoping option 4 existed. We spent one day having fun exploring the big apple at Christmas time which is special (pictures to follow, if I can figure out how) and then we went to Sloane. I had a repeat MRI, which my friend said showed that I had walked too much the day before. Did you know that they could tell that on an MRI? I mean really what has medical technology come to. However, the MRI did not show any visible residual tumor.

So, option 4 does exist, and here it is!- I still need to have repeat surgery, but it doesn't have to be as extensive (ie. they can spare the nerves and vessels) and then 2 months of radiation afterwards. Hello option 4, it may still not be great, but I'll take it. I have always believed in preparing for the worst so that when it is better you think that you have hit the jackpot. Option 4= jackpot for me right about now.


kathbk999 said...

My father said to always keep your options open. Option 4 sounds promising. I am saying lots of prayers for you. Kathleen

Lexington Gilberts said...

This is my first blog ever so bear with me. We are pulling for you and sending out many prayers. It sounds like you are well connected and getting great help. I hope it goes without saying that if there is anything Pete can do he will gladly call his contacts.

Enjoy your holidays. Lots of love

Peaceable said...

Hey Lisa!

I'm so glad you've got the blog up so we can keep track of what's going on.

Option 4 does indeed sound SO much better than the other ones, adn we're praying for you here in Chicago. Kathy's on call tonight, or she'd be sending you her well-wishes, too.

Keep looking up, girl!


kathbk999 said...

You have all our support and prayers. WE are sending our love and are with you in spirit during this important week> ENJOY "Wicked"

Lots of love, Aunt Marty