Monday, December 18, 2006

My birthday party

Word of the weekend- overwhelmed

The day after I found out what tey took out of my foot- after the numb, shocked and scared feeling begin to morph into action plans I came up with the idea of having a birthday party. Now that may not seem like a normal reaction to some, but to me it made sense- I didn't want to mope, I didn't want to feel sorry for myself- I wanted to celebrate the good things in my life and be surrounded by my friends while doing it. So, I floated the idea to a couple of dear friends (Kim and Lori) who wanted to help as what they could do for me, and I let them run with it. I made out a guest list. Kim called everyone on it, and then she informed me how many people were coming. We divvied up the food prep work and I set my mind for a party. It was strange throwing a party in my house and not knowing who was coming. I had some idea who was coming, but really I didn't know. I knew it would be a mix of old and new friends and I knew that I would draw strength by being surrounded by them. What I wasn't ready for was seeing my friend Suzanne who lives in Illinois arrive on my doorstep with her 18 month old son. I couldn't believe that she had travelled for 10 hours to be there with me, her coming touches me so deeply I don't know how to describe it and everytime I try I start to cry. She wasn't the only one who went to lengths to be there. I still can't believe it. But essentially the party was what I wanted and more, I was surrounded by friends old and new, people from work, from college, from life and their love and friendship is so dear and it gives me strength. So, Kim and Lori thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great party.


Jack Kelly said...

Hey Cousin,

We are with you and know this will be but a good story someday about how you kicked this thing's tail! I hope we get to see you soon, regardless we are here.

Merry Christmas,


Lisa said...

Thanks Cous,

I hate that it has taken this for me to fully realize how lucky I am, but alas we always take for granted what we never believe can be taken away. Anyway, Thanks for visiting. Are you going to be home at Christmas? We'll be at Kev's