Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hello Blog

My friend Kim of the House of Prince convinced me to start a blog to chronicle the story of my left foot. Otherwise, known as the trials of tribulations of fighting cancer in the ankle. I am not sure that I'll be any good at blogging, but at least I'll be able to keep people updated about what is going on. So, here goes we'll see if this works for me.

The news of the day is this "growth" (aka my cancer) is not in my lungs. The other news is that I could actually stomach a long conversation with the prosthetist. Although, I like my foot and I want to keep my foot, if the only way to not have to worry about this thing coming back is to not have a foot anymore than maybe I can come to grips with that. I said maybe here. Of course, it isn't even that strong of a maybe, but hey I talked to the guy. OF course, I asked the guy questions like-
Will I be able to ski again?- yes, they can fit a prosthesis to my ski boot
Will I be able to wear shorts?- yes, they make prosthesis now that look like your other leg
Will I be able to wear heals again?- yes, but probably not higher than 2.5 inches. Apparently they can make a special prosthesis that has an angled foot and can fit in heels. Who knew
Will I be able to hike?- yes, but not for awhile because I have to be really stable on the new leg again
Do I have to take it off to sleep? -yes- How long will it take to put back on at night?- it'll get to be really fast
How many of these things will I need to do all the above?- probably 3

I will meet with him after I get back from my second opinion at Sloane Kettering to see these things. I think I am making progress even if I don't want any of it. I don't want it.

Every so often someone newly diagnosed with a sarcoma finds my blog and I sometimes get emails commenting on how my story ends before the beginning. For those few of you who might find this and want to read it. One year after learning my diagnosis I wrote about it here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Left Foot,
I am pleased to be the first one to respond to Lisa's blog. She did a faboulos job, please let her know! So here is the deal Left Foot, Lisa needs you. You heard her...she ski's, she hike's, she likes the cute shoes, so it is of utmost importance that you work with her to get rid of the bad cells living in there with you. YOu are a both can get through this together. Look at all of the things you have done thus far: you have been all over the world, medical school, residency, fellowship, water skiing at Arrowhead, and stood for long hours in South Bend in the cold to watch ND play. So Lefty, do what you can to help Lisa out, to heal quickly and to most of all fight all those bad cells! She needs you and we need her.

Take good care of her in NY! We are praying for her...yes, and you too!

Lisa K said...

Hey my dear friend, I have known you sense we were 10 you don't have to be anonymous. Anyway, I know it was you and I love you for what you said and for your friendship.