Monday, June 2, 2008

May Book Binge Results

Thanks to my friend Kim, I participated in the May Book Binge. I am somewhat surprised that I didn't read more, but here goes...

Thirteen Moons- Charles Frazier: The second book by the guy who wrote Cold Mountain didn't suffer from the second book curse. This story follows the trials and tribulations of a 12 year old orphan sold by his family to man an isolated trading post in Indian Territory in the early 1800s. It follows his life as he is embraced by the Indians among who he now lives with and ultimately becomes their "lawyer" then congressman through the mass "removal" of the Native Americans to the "New Nation" ie. kicking them off of their native land so that it could be sold. It is definately not a page turner, but a really good story, well written.

The Balanced Plate- Renee Loux (pp1-180) This is sort of a cookbook/ nutrition book so I am including it. Renee Loux is a proponent of the whole food and organic food movement and the first 180 pages of the book explain why. She is also an advocate of being aware of where food comes from. THe book part was well written and easy to read given what it was. INteresting and definately food for thought.

The Memory Keepers Daughter- Kim Edwards- My June book club selection. I won't write too much before discussing this with my friends, but this is a captivating story of bad decisions and how they can distroy people's lives. It made me cry, and yes I had to read the end twice in the first 50 pages to know where the story was going ( a flaw of mine).

LIlah- by Marek Halter (pp 50- end) THis is the third book in the Canaan Triology. A series of books written about famous Old Testament Women. This was my least favorite of the three, but all told it was an easy, interesting read. The first two- Sarah and Zipporah, wife of Moses were really good, I thought.

World WIthout End- Ken Follett- (pp1-150) This book is the follow up to PIllars of the Earth which despite being over a thousand pages is one of my favorite books. It was historical fiction chronicalling the building of the Salisbury cathedral. When I finished PotE I felt like I had lost good friends becuase that one took me so long to read. So far I am still gettting into WWE, but it picks up where PotE ended, and it is like refinding those friends. These books are low on action but high on wonderful stories very well written. I hope I am not disappointed.

Oh yeah, and- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix pp 300something to the end- I am rereading the Harry Potter series these days because when I finished the last one I realized, I had forgotten a lot. THey still are so good and it is interesting reading them knowing the end. You really realize what a good job JK Rowling did.


JaxMom said...

man, I can't read any more. I had about 10 yawns during Thomas and the Big Big Bridge tonight. If I did not need to pay bills, I would be asleep by is 8:45.


MaryP said...

I think I've read the Memory Keeper's Daughter before, but I can't remember a thing about it! I think perhaps I'll re-read it...

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read the six-book series by Diana Cabaldon. It is about a woman doctor who "steps through the stones" and ends up in 1700 Scotland. Each book is about 1,000 pages plus so this will keep you entertained for awhile!
Mary Jane