Saturday, May 31, 2008

The End of an Era

After 22 months and over a hundred visits, I am done with physical therapy. This doesn't mean that I have no more issues with my ankle, it just means that I am as good as I am going to get. I was discussing being done with my friendly PT at my last visit, when he got teary. As I finished my obstacle course and prepared to ice my foot, he gave me a hug good-bye. I got teary. Then one of aides joined in, and another patient looked at me and said "How long have you been in PT." 22 months I answered immediately. 22 tumultuous months, and my PT has been there every step of my journey. I am so grateful for his help and support and that it has let me get to where I am now. When I talked to my doctor about stopping PT, she declared that my ankle might be stronger than hers. Probably an exaggeration, but there is no denying that my ankle is pretty strong now. So, Joanthan, from the bottom of my heart- Thanks


MomHOP said...

Yay Lisa!

JaxMom said...

Thats so nice!