Thursday, June 5, 2008


The first sports team I ever cared about was the Lakers. My parents took us to games when we were little and I used to sit on my dad's lap all dressed and scream "Go Yellow"- although I couldn't quite say yellow. Thus a love affair began. The only other sports team that I care about is ND football, and well I have only followed them for half my life. The Lakers, they are my sporting love. I remember gathering together as a family to watch the 80s Lakers- Celtics finals. I HATED the Celtics, especially Kevin McHale, really I challenge anyone who watched the infamous "clothesline" to not hate Kevin McHale. Larry Bird was like the annoying menace, so good you had to respect him. But then there was my team. I used to practice hook shots by the hour to try to emulate Kareem, mind you I never really got it, and Magic is like no one else. In my mind he still is the preeminent player. OK maybe Michael Jordan, but nah I am a Lakers fan, so Magic. What about the MVP you say? Well, he is great, but he is a spoiled numbskull, gifted with so much talent, yet full of histrionics, and named after a steak. So while I love to watch what he can do with a basketball, he doesn't match up to the others.

So it is finally back, the Lakers and the Celtics in the NBA finals. The preeminent NBA franchises with Phil Jackson aiming to oust the Celtics storied coach as the most successful NBA coach of all time and my Lakers aiming to recapture what they gave up in 2004 when they imploded. Game 1 tonight. Game on.

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