Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That was then
This is now

So, finally I will post about my last trip to New York. Sorry for the long wait. I have gotten many emails worried that I wasn't posting because of bad news. Fortunately, that is not the case. Everything went well.

My friend V-L took the train down from Pittsburgh to hang out with me. The weather wasn't so good, but the company was excellent, so that was nice. It was great seeing V-L, getting to hang out with her. It was the fun part of the trip. I have previously posted how it feels odd to me that I travel almost 3000 miles for follow up, but on this trip I felt something different about it. For one thing it was incredibly efficient. I had two scans, another set of xrays and two doctors visits in 2days. It was a little exhausting, but at least well organized, and all of the news was good. My scans still showed no evidence of disease, and this perplexing numb foot thing is getting better, and no one is advocating surgery for now. Plus I got to stop PT after that so all is good. Additionally, going far away and having everything done in two days, makes this feel like my illness is in New York, it helps with the compartamentalizing of my life. Plus, I still really like my ortho onc. She is an unusual surgeon and she really listens to what I have to say. So, every 6 months, I'll go to New York- Fine by me. There are worse places to have to go.

The day before my surgery I took this picture in central park-

My mom has been wanting me to take another photo in the same spot on my last two visits, so when Vas and I walked past the rock we complied.

Plus, as I have written many times before I miss my shoes. So, I have now been given the green light to wear heels as long as they are comfortable for me. I walked into Jimmy Choo's and tried on these shoes and even Vas had to declare that they were Cinderella slippers. They felt like they were made for my feet. they are now mine. Forgive me.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Shoes! I love them. You will have to bring them to the lake in July... so I can try them :)


Lisa said...

LD, You are welcome to try them on, but they aren't so good for hiking in.