Monday, July 30, 2007

Do It Yourself Girl

When I bought my house several years ago, I was obsessed with home improvement. I bought a do-it-yourself book from home depot and attacked my projects with gusto. I was so spurred on by getting rid of what appeared to be 20 year padded silk, walls and ceilings in one bathroom and my bedroom, they were hideous and had to be removed pronto. Of couse, I discovered that the padding was covering many, many holes in the walls. Anyways, after months of hard work and becoming very good friends with my spackle, I finished the projects. Landscaping followed and then I took a break from home improvement for awhile, because the next projects were to big for me to do myself. I discovered that I liked these projects, and the whole weekend warrior homer depot thing. So, what is the point of this tale, well- obviously since Oct I have been unable to do any projects, big or small around my house. So things have been piling up, shall we say. Last week, I had my back patio redone and landscaped the side and back of the house. I love it, I have now spent every night sitting, on my patio listening to my new fountain, reading. This was one of those projects that there is no way I could have done myself, but every big project leads to more little projects and so Sunday after church I ensconced in full force puttering and completing of these little odds and ends. I did things that have been put off for months. It was so good to be able to do some of these things, I even climbed my back hillside. Tomorrow I am going to go get some paint, to finally paint my spare bedroom.

Hello, project girl, nice of you to come back.

The fountain- The centerpiece of my new patio

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Anonymous said...

YEAH!! I want to see more pics of the back and landscaping.