Saturday, July 7, 2007

July 4th week

So, I have now been officially back to work part time for one week. Of course, that one week happened to fall over July 4 for which I had two days off and during the week in which I had an entire day of appointments scheduled- MRI (with no residual disease- yeah!!!), PT and a doctor's visit. Therefore, once all was said and done I was at work for two half days last week or about a total of 7 hours- far less than I used to work in one day. Yet, still I somehow found both days exhausting. Literally fall asleep while laying on the floor playing with Sadie exhausting. I have no idea why it was so tiring yet alas as my surgeon keeps reminding me- I have been through a lot in the last 8 months, it will still take time. Next week I am going to try for three half days and may even get myself resituated in my office. However, we'll see about that..

In far more fun news- July 4 was spent up at Lake Arrowhead with friends. We had 5 adults and three children (two of whom are babies) and it was a compeltely enjoyable combination of people and the fireworks were fantastic. Kyle at the ripe old age of two was somewhere between mesmerized by them and a little afraid so he watched them while holding onto his mom and then the next day kept saying fireworks, fireworks. So, I guess it was successful in spite of the heat.

The fireworks over the lake.

The only way to escape the heat was in the water. Kyle got into the action by continually getting in and out of the water with a myriad of flotation devices.

Sadie even had to get into the water to escape the heat and trust me she is not a water dog.


Anonymous said...

Just in case you are waiting for your first comment to write your next blog entry... Glad you had a great 4th. Take it easy with work. You have been through a lot!

Lisa D

Lisa said...

Thanks LD, I wasn't actually waiting for a comment, just tired and not inspired (at least until today)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, You look so happy! CK