Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happiest Place on Earth!!

Hey Lisa, You have conquerred cancer surgery, radiation and are making great strides with getting your strength back so what are you going to do next.....I'm going to Disneyland.

Remember those commercials from many a year ago. I can even hear the tune in my head. Well, so that is what I did on Saturday. I spent the ENTIRE day at Disneyland. I even swallowed my pride (or reentered reality) and rented a wheelchair for the day. The walking around the park I might have managed, but there is no way I could have stood in the lines. Plus, going around Disneyland in a wheelchair means you don't have to wait in all of the long lines, which was really helpful for the new Nemo ride, which had 2-3 hour long waits. We even got stuck inside of Space Mountain which means we got to ride the tracks with the lights on and then they let us ride again for the full experience. Let me tell there are few stones unturned in Disneyland and even California Adventure after our 14 hours there on Saturday. It is so rare that you get to to spend a whole day in touch with your inner child and just have fun- and I revelled in the opportunity. I was so exhausted by the end, which is funny as I spent most of the day in the wheelchair, but it was so fun and the fireworks were great. The Happiest Place on Earth- Indeed

(Sadly my camera misbehaved so the pictures turned into movies, but as we didn't know we were taking movies they are really not good.)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa:
Our family (2 legged and 4 legged) agree completely. When Bard was in rehab following his stroke, I was able to take our ill behaved minature schnauzer to visit daily.
Heidi not only comforted Bard, but she sat on the bed of other patients and brought them peace and great joy.
For some reason, she left her hyper-shrill schnauzer bark behind and was quiet and gentle.
So we understand completely about the comfort Sadie brings to you.
Mary Jane