Thursday, August 9, 2007

Night blooming cereus

I have a plant sitting on my front porch that looks like some kind of succulent reject from the cheap plant store. Seriously though, I love plants and I fancy myself somewhat of a gardener, but this plant is not attractive. So why does it sit on my front porch in its unattractive glory- because of the flowers. One night out of the year, this thing has flowers and let me tell you these flowers are worth it. They are big beautiful white flowers that have the most amazing scent. It is not strong persay, but clear, sweat and fresh and penetrates everything. You can smell it best 10-20 feet away. A little bit heaven. I am surprised that those people who make scents have never tried to bottle the smell, but actually I am not sure if they could, and maybe they shouldn't because it is what makes this plant special.

So last night was the one day out of the year that this plant bloomed and after putting up with the ugly duckling of plants all year round you have to take note of its flowers. Of course, the flower didn't open until after 10:30 and then I sat out on my porch and drank in the wonderful aroma. Also the scent wafted in through the open windows so you could still smell a little of it when I got up this morning. Spectacular

The flower last night


Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa:

Is this the daughter or grand-daughter of the Night Blooming Cereus I gave your mother?
If so, it has quite a history which began in Arcadia when your mother and I were young girls.
My mother's plant which now lives in Santa Barbara is ten feet tall (still living in a pot) and has 20-30 blossoms each August.
When you can tell that the blossom is going to open that evening, you can cut it and bring it indoors in a vase and it will be fully open around 9:30-10;00 pm. Better than stumbling around in the dark with a flashlight!
Lots of can read whatever you wish into this spectacular bloom.
Mary Jane

Lisa said...

Mary Jane, My plant came from a cutting from my mom's plant. It is just starting to be happy on my porch. I lov ethe idea of bringing a bloom inside to fill my house iwth the wonderful fragerance.