Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Walking Again

My last foot fry was two weeks ago and Lefty seems to be healing well. Of course, the outer layer of skin is completely peeling off, but really all seems to be going according to the plan. I have even been given the green light to start to transition back to walking again. So, yet once more I am working back off of my crutches and to walking unassisted again. Yesterday, I even managed to walk Sadie around the block. That my friends is progress!

Now I get to start to get ready to pack for my third (and hopefully the most fun) trip to NYC.

In an aside with all that has gone on over the past few weeks, I forgot to mail in my ND ticket application which I just realized was due yesterday. The only game I was planning to go to was the UCLA game at the Rose Bowl. Hopefully, I can come up with another way to get those tickets.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Walking! Good for you... I am sure Sadie enjoyed it. Have fun in NYC. I forgot to mail in my ND application too. Oh well!

Love, LD