Friday, May 11, 2007

Lisa- party of 2

Since last week in pursuit of "becoming a lady who lunches" I have had 5 lunches out and two dinners. That is a huge total for me, but as I don't do too much these days and my friend V-L is in town so we have had lots of people to lunch with. Anyway, after all of these meals we have come to the conclusion that I am a party of 2. There is Lisa and then there is Lefty. Back in the hospital I started to think of my foot as a different entity- lefty had cancer, lefty is sick, lefty had radiation and got burned to a crisp, Lisa has had to alter her life to accomodate lefty, Lisa is no longer sick. Lisa just has a much harder time with those ADLs (activities of daily living) due to lefty's needs. This line of reasoning makes it much easier to stay positive. Sort of like making a sacrifice to care for someone that you love. I love lefty and have great memories of all that we have done and plans for the future when she is healthy again. Therefore, I adjust my life to care for lefty. The separateness of Lefty is further reinforced by the fact that it needs its own chair. Lisa takes up one seat and can usually smile and carry on normal conversation. Lefty has its chair and sits there silently without too much to contribute. So, there you have it Lisa a party of 2.

(For those keeping track lefty's gender seems to alter in my mind depending on my mood and annoyed I am at my foot- see if you can guess the trend)

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