Sunday, May 20, 2007

NYC, take 3

3 and a half months after I left New York in a wheelchair, I returned mostly able to walk. When you look at time in big chunks like that you really realize how far you have come. I flew in yesterday and this morning walked ( yes you read that right) to get bagels and coffee. I then met friends at the Met (with my crutches mostly for the safety factor) for some art appreciation and then dumped the crutches and walked through central park for a couple of hours ( well I actually sat in the sun and read my book for awhile, but you get the point). Today was a beautiful spring day. The kind of day that you really appreciate in a climate with a real winter and we take totally for granted in Southern California. You could feel the energy of one of the first really nice spring days in the crowds of people playing frisbee, catch, etc and just sitting in the sun thorughout the park. It seems insane to me that I have come all this way for a follow up appointment, but if that is what had to happen then at least I did so on a beautiful weekend. Tonight, Suz comes into town and we get to play all day tomorrow. What shall we do...

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Anonymous said...

Eat, walk, rest. Walk eat rest. Rest eat walk.

It was great to see you and I look forward to seeing the follow up post!

And don't let anyone be fooled - I am completely amazed at how well you are walking and getting around. You have shown great bravery and determination.