Thursday, May 24, 2007

NYC, take 3 cont.

If you recall in the days leading up to my surgery on my last trip to New York, I described feeling some incredible need to be outside. It was as though I would start to feel completely toxic within an hour or two of being in the apartment that we stayed in. That feeling went away by the time I got out of the hospital and was confined to our hotel room in part becuase the temperature was about 30- 50 degrees colder, getting me out of the hotel in a wheelchair was a major undertaking and well I felt terrible. Anyway, that same toxic feeling at being indoors seemed to return with a vengence this trip. The weather outside was beautiful, and I just could not stand staying inside. Fortunately for me my walking abilities have improved tremendously and so I was able to wander the park for hours each day. Don't get too excited, becuase it was more like- walk, rest, read my book, walk, eat, rest etc, but it was all done outside. Anyways, it was great to have Suz there with me and to get to see MM and her beautiful baby and so weird that Tricia doesn't live there anymore. All in all it was a really good trip.

Oh yeah, and I saw my doctor. She was very happy with the way that my foot is healing and the way everything is progressing. We talked a lot about the things that I am now allowed to do- walking, swimming, restart PT etc. and what I need to wait for running, hiking etc. and the alterations I need to make to be able to do the above activities. As I was going through my list of questions- she finally looked at me and said "this has been killing you hasn't it"- referring to the whole inactivity thing. See this is why I like her, she gets it, gets that my life has been turned completely upside down and come out the other end only vaguely resembling what it was before. gets that I am an active person and the fact that I have had to spend hours and hours sitting on a couch is completely contrary to my personality. She just gets it. So, I will have to continue to make intermittent trips to New York, but hey there are worse places to visit.

It was too early to have my follow up scans (those will follow in the next few months), but still I am on the road to recovery and even though I now have to wear compression stockings, I am walking that road.


Anonymous said...


I am glad your anxieties about the appointment can now be over, and next time we will find a hotel with a balcony!

I'm glad you have a doc who understands.


Kathryn said...

Yay! We're glad that things are going better for you these days. Sounds like things are moving forward these days, which is the best way to go! Kathy and Rachel

Anonymous said...

As someone who wears compression stockings everyday, I have to say they are worth it because they allow me to walk. I was 35 with DVT. at the same time my sister was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins stage 4 both of us are now on the road to recovery. She after a bone marrow transplant and me after a few yrs on coumadin and now aspirin therapy plus other supplements.
I hope things continue on the right course for you.

KTP's Mom said...

Hi Lisa! I'm so glad you enjoyed the good weather we are having. And hurray for really on the way to recovery. I like your doctor. I wish you lots of patience as Lefty recovers.

Happy Memorial Day!

Anonymous said...

Still too lazy to sign up for a user name, but thrilled that you are done with radiation, back walking, and allowed to swim for summer.

Thinking about a name for phase 5, hmmm . . . what about setting a crazy goal and then going for it. I have always wanted to rollerskate down the ramps at the Guggenheim (though best not to end up in jail - especially in New York). There was a great chapter written by Lame Deer titled "Sitting on top of Teddy Roosevelt's head (giving him a headache, maybe)". Now that is a great title. He set the crazy goal of protesting Mt. Rushmore while sitting on top of it - which he did. Despite what you think of Lame Deer's goal, you can't argue that it is a great title.

So any thoughts of how to kick off phase 5?