Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Sadie is banished

A month ago, I banished Sadie from my tri training runs because-
A) It is getting hot and she has black fur
B) She has very short legs
C) She likes to sniff the concrete every so often, which throws me off
D) I can now run further and faster than I used to and she now can't keep up. (see B)
E) All of the above

Well, last night she looked so pathetic by the time I finally set out for my run that I gave in and brought her with me.  It was late enough that it wasn't so hot, and she was happy to not be banished that she behaved up until she almost tripped someone with her leash when she ran on the other side of a poor unsuspecting woman who walked into the middle of her leash.  (OK, maybe that is my fault)  I apologized profusely, no harm done, but I think that Sadie will have to stay banished from my long (for me) runs and certainly until after the tri. Sorry Sadie, it is for everyones safety.

Tri countdown- 26 days! EGADS


Anonymous said...

Having walked Sadie in the sweltering heat myself....I think that you are right to have her on home confinement. It is hard to get a good walk in with all of that sniffing, let alone run. You are a better person than I am. That little face is hard to resist though....

Lisa said...

Hmm, Who wrote this- there only are a few options.