Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I thought i was doing well

I went swimming this afternoon after hiking this morning.  I am brimming with energy now and so happy to have been active all day and had an awesome lunch with my hiking buddy in between.  Plus, it has been one of those days that has made me take pause and give thanks for my life and where I am physically and emotionally now. Here's why.

Whenever I go swimming I choose my lane carefully.  Trying to avoid the old people who don't swim in straight lines and the young kids who are playing.  When I got to the pool, there was one lane with a guy swimming beautiful clean, easy strokes, at a good clip.  My kind of lane partner.  I joined him and we pushed each other to keep our pace up. He took breaks, I did speed training, he did a long swim, with the styrofoam training thing between his legs (ie. not kicking), and then he got out of the pool.  I was taking a break and noticed him getting out because he carefully raised his body out of the water. He swung his legs over, passively.  Then he hoisted himself into a wheelchair, while saying to me "Nice Swim, see you soon."  "Yeah, you too," I replied, "take care."  I noticed it, I took pause.  I hated being in a wheelchair. I feel so much sympathy when I see someone in them now.  Especially, someone so young and vital and strong.  

 I feel like I have made such great strides in the two years since I was allowed to start walking again, but this guy.  I know nothing of his story. I have no idea how long this has been his lot. I don't even know his name, but he made an impression on me. I hope he is well.  I hope this is temporary and that his happy face isn't just a mask.  I hope I see him swimming again.  

Good Luck, Mr. Swimming Man.  Thanks for making me appreciate things.


JaxMom said...

Lisa - Maybe it is permanent, both his condition and his smile.

Hopefully his heart is open, and perhaps swimming with an attractive, fit woman made is day today.

I hope you get to swim with him again.


Lisa said...

Maybe, but he had pen marks all along his spine like he has recently had or is about to have surgery.


Jabulani said...

It's good to be reminded occasionally about how fortunate we actually are, when we think we might not be. I thank God I'm a stay-home mom when I watch my friends desperately try to juggle home/kids/husband/ child minders and stress out. It even makes me grateful for having 3 loos to clean!!
I hope you encounter Mr Swimming Man again too. It would be great if you could discover his story.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa:
I know that Mr. Swimming Man will do well and that you will see him again.
I know this because my Night Blooming Cereus bloomed that night of the swim-meeting. A good omen.
Has your plant bloomed yet?
Mary Jane

Anonymous said...

HiLisa, I agree with MaryJane --its a good omen. CK