Saturday, May 3, 2008

Book Binge

As my book club friends, who are getting tired of finding books that I haven't read, well know. I am a fairly prolific reader. So wen I saw Kim's post about the May book binge I knew I had to participate. I am currently readng 3 books simulatneously so we'll see how far I get. I'll keep you posted.

book binge

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa:

Are you aware of Book Lust by Nancy Pearl? It is a journal where you keep track of what you read and your opinion. I heard her speak in January at the Womens' Literary Festival in Santa Barbara.
She told us it was futile to try to recapture what you have read in the past and that you should just begin TODAY. Our Book Club began this journal and we share what we have read outside of the "assigned" reading.
Book Lust is on Amazon and in local book stores.
Mary Jane Salcido