Friday, September 28, 2007

Time Traveller

I feel like I fell asleep in Hawaii on Monday and woke up on Wednesday in Nashville. Yes, I was briefly in LA, but really it sort of felt like I woke up in a fog in the Country Western capital of the world and I couldn't quite figure out how I got there. Additionally, in this meeting the last few days, I have spent more hours continuously working then I have in at least 10 months. Maybe it is good prep for me, as I am officially reentering my clinical work world on Monday when I have to spend my first night in the hopsital since last November. I am afraid of going back to work. I hope that my skills aren't rusty. So, I guess officially I woke up form my vacation and started sort of working full time (even though I am not going to be fully in the clinical schedule until January). Still it feels like I now work full time. I hope that I can go forward and stick to my guns with my current goals of how to work life and career in together.

I think I have entered phase 6- Back to Work Better Than Before

Wish me luck

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Kathryn said...

I will definitely be thinking of you on Monday! I am sure that you will be fine even if you are a little rusty. My first call back is October 11th. I too am scared, but I really want to get over that hurdle. Maybe once we've both done our first respective calls, we should talk and regroup! Hope you had fun at the Nashville meeting!