Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shoes Again

Back in March, I bought my first pair of post surgery shoe, they had to meet exacting standards of what was allowed and it was no easy feat. I was so proud of those shoes. I was so happy to not have to wear that big hideous boot on my foot after nearly 5 months of wearing that thing or not even being able to put anything on poor Lefty. While I loved those shoes when I bought them and I still do like them, I even bought a second pair of the same dansko sandals in black. Really, I have only worn those shoes for the past 5 months. I walk into my closet every day and mentally challenge myself to ignore, my rack of beautifully colored fun shoes. I have tried to not think about it as I prefer to focus on what I can do not what I can't, but sometimes I will pull a pair of shoes off of the rack and think what if... I sometimes even try them on. The first time that I did that (back in April) I couldn't even stand in a pair of two inch kitten heeled slides. There was no way, my weak little ankle could have even taken a step. I put them away and didn't venture to try that again until June when I could stand in the same shoes and take a few cautious steps. So much about shoes I know, but I miss my shoes.

So, where's the punch line, well on Tuesday I saw my foot and ankle surgeon (different than my tumor surgeon- so many doctores, so many appointments). Anyway, I talked to him about this shoe thing, and he declared that I should try it. Having been down this road before where my PT then vetoes things like this as he sees me twice a week and has a little more knowledge about my current state of strength. I waited to talk to him; and lo and behold he concurred. Hello- So, last night when I met friends for dinner I wore my cute brown sandals and even painted my toes for the occassion and you know what it went OK. It may seem stupid to many, this shoe obsession of mine, but to me it is one more sign that I am getting better and back to the old me.

Oh, said foot and ankle guy also directly told my PT to start to be more aggressive with my exercises and push me out of my comfort zone. And boy howdy did he yesterday. I have quite a few sore spots today, but it is all good.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Lisa! I love shoes! I am so happy to hear you are able to enjoy them again. I bought a couple of new pairs recently... we will have to share again sometime.


KTP said...

Just caught up on all of your posts. Thank you for loaning me some of your shoes. I was proud to wear them.

Also? I want to come to TX!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is invited to Texas! In an attempt to further promote all things ND football (like they need my help!), ND is already planning on playing in San Antonio in 2009 and ... I think... Dallas in 2010 and 2011. Useful information...


Lisa said...

Kim, I'm glad that my shoes and dress worked.

Kim and LD We do need to look into these Texas plans. i am feeling a little overwhelmed at my schedule for the next few months, but i don't want to wait until ND next plays in TX, unless of course that is in the Cotton Bowl- hmmm

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say Hi too!!!