Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just like riding a bike

I'm one week into having committed to this triathalon thing and the training has begun.  As I said before, I'm confident I can handle the swim.  The run will be rough because it is last, and 4 miles is pretty much the longest I've run.  So I definitely have to work up my running tolerance...  However, I haven't been on a bike in years.

So, phase 1 of triathalon training is to get comfortable riding a rode bike.  A friend from work lent me a Bianchi rode bike.  I had to get new pedals for it last weekend because I'm not quite ready to have my shoes clipped into the bike pedals.  Maybe that will come.  Then I had to start riding the bike.  People always use the phrase "just like riding  a bike" to describe something that should be rote muscle memory.  Something you haven't done in years, but that comes back to you immediately when you try again.  I am here to tell you IT ISN'T QUITE THAT EASY.  It is going to take some work for me to get really comfortable on this bike.  So, that is phase 1 of triathalon training.  Oh yeah, and to continue to build up my cardio toleranace.  On that note off to the gym I go. 

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