Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Squirrel Saga Continues

So, you thought that getting the squirrel out of my closet would be the end of the squirrel game didn't you. So did I. Or at least I hoped. Alas, no such luck for me.

Two days after the rat with a good sense of fashion was absconded from my closet, my air conditioner unit stopped working. The little thermostat was flashing that it had no power. Undaunted, I investigated the unit. I checked the plug- full power, no problem. I checked the connection to the plug, all good. I took the AC apart and my jaw hit the ground. LIterally, hit the ground. After, I was able to recover from the shock, I surveyed the damage. The wires (plural here, hello at least 10 of them) were chewed through. The filter had been knocked through ground. The situation slowly dawned on me. THE SQUIRRELS ATE MY AIR CONDITIONER. Are you kidding me? Seriously, this was too crazy to believe. Then he ate through the wall in two places to get out of his little AC hiding place and set up home in a bag of paper towels, where I found him a week ago Friday. I drove him from that hiding place. Left the garage door open so he would run to freedom, and cried.

Once I was done with my "why me" moment. I finally found a company to close off their access to my house, set traps etc. I called my cousin's husband who lucky for me happens to run an AC repair company. And we sat off to repair the whole thing. One week later, the AC is finally fixed (thank goodness, because it is supposed to be 96 degrees today), but somehow the heater is not. They are coming back out later this week to deal with that little situation. There are screens over all of hteir former entrances to my attics and traps set in various places. Full on anti-squirrel warfare is occurring in my home.

Therefore, I can't help but feel a new profound hatred for squirrels. When I saw one in my driveway as I backed out to go to work today. I wanted to drive over it with my car, and I am not a violent person, but my house feels like it was violated by these little rascals. UGGH

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mamalife said...

I once had squirrels chew through a screen on an open window to get in my house, then chew through the tupperware to eat the chocolate chip cookies inside. I came home after work to find their little chocolate paw prints all over my kitchen table (I lived on a 2nd floor apt. I'd not otherwise leave a window open while not home!) ... rascally things! An A/C unit, though... that sucks!