Friday, October 10, 2008

Save Lids Save Lives

Alright, I know that this post is going to infuriate my online friend, Jeanne, and she might even disavow our cyber friendship, but....

Sheryl Crow, who is one of my favorite female rockers (or really just rockers in general) is giving a free concert tonight a few miles from my house in honor of breast cancer awareness month. The entry fee is to have been able to get tickets (no small feat), and then to bring 10 Yoplait "Save Lids to Save Lives" lids. OK, cause marketing is not something I support. The whole idea that a company uses peoples fears about certain diseases or conditions to boost their marketing is just not something I can really get behind. However, the awareness about getting people to have screening tests when breast cancer like so many other cancers is so much more treatable when caught early. That I do agree with. I could go on, but others can say what they feel so much better.

So back to Sheryl Crow, she is awesome in concert and when given the opportunity, I couldn't pass it up. Also, this gives me a chance to comment on her song "Make It Go Away" which I have wanted to do for awhile. When I got her new album Detours, and saw that she had a song subtilted "Radiation Song". I thought oh dear, here goes another mass media thing that is going to make me feel like I have business in the "cancer survivor" club, but this is Sheryl Crow- the woman who wrote- "All I wanna do," "If it makes you happy," "soak up the sun," etc. right. Surely she wouldn't write some sappy I have cancer woe is me, the world is against me song, right? So, I listened with my skeptical ear and was blown away. If I had the talent to write a song about how I felt during radiation, it might have come out just like hers did. (My friends are laughing because musically talented I am not and I CANNOT SING, but I digress) It has anger and fear and optimism tied up with a metronome beating away in the background, sounding a little bit like a slow radiation machine and a lot like time ticking away. The song is raw and brilliant. I love it. I'll see if I kind find a UTube video to post.

So, alas, I am giving in and buying yoplait and happily going to this concert tonight. Details to follow. I apologize to all those I know who are aghast at the idea of all of the pink marketing in October, but it's Sheryl Crow- need I say more

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KTP said...

this is a great post, and yes, people, it is true Lisa cannot sing but it is one of the most endearing things about her.