Sunday, August 31, 2008

You have to move out for 3 days
What to do?

Termites moved into my house. I wanted them out and despite my desire ot do so nontoxically, I gave in and got my house fumigated

Above is my house covered in its tarp while toxic chemicals were pumped inside. Thus leaving me with 3 days for Sadie and I to while away elsewhere. Sadie was easy, she went to the mountains with my parents. I decided to do nothing so simplistic. I took off on a brief tour of the southwest.

Day/NIght 1- I had to work. I had to pay for the fumigation somehow. I spent the night at the hospital and took care of my little charges.
Day 2 I wen tot my gradfather and did a puzzle with him and then loaded myself into the car and drove to Vegas where i met up with some friends. we stayed at the Bellagio and got to watch this out of out window.

Then we went across the street to Planet Hollywood and saw Sheryl Crow in concert. James Blunt opened for her and it was a fantastic show. Our seats were awesome and Sheryl Crow is amazing live. Then i played black jack.

Day 3- After wandering aroudn the strip for a little while I loaded back up into my car and drove to Lake Arrowhead. Spent the night there. Sadie helped me ski and we went for a hike.

Day 4- back home, dirty, tired just wanting a bath I discovered that the gas company had neglected to turn my gas back on like they were supposed to and i had to take cold showers. Hence the letter below. Oh well, my gas is now back on and i had a great weekend even if I drove close to 800 miles. It was fun. Thanks


JaxMom said...

Wow. Fumigants for the termites? I will need to check with my pest control clients on that. I think that is a bit extreme, but maybe the CA termites are different than Midwest. Will investigate and report back.

sorry bout not calling you back. It was a whirl wind week. May post about it later, or may just chat about it.


KTP said...


There are tented houses to see on any given day out here. It's a normal thing.