Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maybe this is the reason

When I went through my list of can I do the following things again with my doctor- there was one things that both she and my friendly sarcoma doc both balked at, which was water skiing. The concern being that Lefty is strapped into a tight boot and might not come out if I fell putting too much torque on my poor little ankle. I didn't push the issue too much because I hadn't really been water skiing for a long time and i had really lost that skill not because of my ankle and surgeries and radiation etc., but because I let myself get fat and out of shape. However, over the past few months as I have watched skiers go around Lake Arrowhead, I started to long to ski again. I repeated my doctors advice to many people trying to not make me feel so bad and make me believe it, but I have to admit that I really wanted to try. Then a couple of weeks ago I had abunch of friends up to Arrowhead and I had offered to take anyone skiing or wakeboarding who wanted to go. After a couple of hours of pulling several people who wanted to ski (successfully teaching one who had never done it before), I really wanted to get in the water. Then the two people who were successful hatched the plan of getting up early the next day to ski on smooth water, so I hatched my own plan to ski again. I put my ski in the boat, convinced a friend to drive and off I went. Sitting in the water behind the boat ready to start I felt confident and happy. When I got up just like i had done it yesterday, I grinned from ear to ear. I swerved in and of the wake completely in control. Lefty handled it with no problem, and I rejoiced. I debated keeping it a secret because I didn't want to deal with people getting mad at me, but I couldn't. I am too happy about it. I even convinced my dad to pull me yesterday and my watching parents smiled too.

This somehow seems so monumental because this I got back through hard work and determination in the gym. I can water ski again because I have gotten myself back in shape. I work out on average 5 days a week, i have lifted more weight then I would have thought possible. I have done some crazy exercises and it is paying off. Today, the following thought occurred to me.... In the early days of getting my diagnosis, i felt that someday I'd realize the reason behind this whole thing. I believed that there was a purpose, if only I could find it. Now, I think maybe the purpose was to jolt me out of complacency at letting myself get fat and lazy and make me get fit. If that is to be the good that is to come out this, I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! And you were great skiing! I still need to send you my photos... Sorry about that.


JaxMom said...

You go girl!

I am so proud of the slaloming. I put skis on during our trip. I contemplated the slalom, but decided I would use two to test my knees, which I had been assured many times would not support me behind a boat.

I popped up on two. My right knew held beautifully, but the left one could not take do any work. I stayed up for only a couple minutes, vowing to hit the slippery smooth water the next AM.

Unfortunately my speed boat owner bro is not a morning person, we had 20+ mph winds, and that smooth water never came. Maybe next time!

You should be very proud of what you have accomplished.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, The best thing I've seen in a long time is the look on your face when you were water skiing last weekend. It was right up there with the look you had when you first got up on one ski. Your skiing was truly a joy to watch! Love, Mom NS dd

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, The only smile bigger than the one when you first got up on one ski was the smile when you once again tried and skied so beautiful. (except maybe our smiles at the joy of watching you succeed.) Love Mom and Dad