Friday, February 22, 2008

One More Dream

When I first started this road 16 months ago. I was afraid that my diagnosis and treatment were going to take away many of the things I love- walkiing, hiking, my active lifestyle, and skiing. I kept asking everyone about skiing. I had a long talk about it with the prosthesis guy, I have had several talks with my favorite ortho onc and my friendly sarcoma doc. Their opinion is that given the strength of the ski boot it would really be very difficult to hurt my ankle skiing, but no more water skiing for me. Thats OK I can live with that. Given all that, I have been obsessed with trying to get out on the mountain this winter. So, tomorrow I leave for Colorado for a work meeting that leaves 4-6 hours open everyday to ski. I have just pulled out all my ski stuff, I am wearing my boots while typing this. I am filled with a familiar sense of nervous anticipation. I can't wait to get out in the snow. I'll post pictures soon. Wish me luck.

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rlbates said...

Have a great time!