Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shedding my Shy Self

The other day I got a DM (twitter direct message- sort of like a text message) from Michael aka badassdadblog, a guy I have never met but whom I follow on twitter asking me if I wanted to join him and his family at a scuba diving event/ BarBQue this weekend. We had previously tweeted about diving and the possibility of going soon. So this wasn't completely out of the blue. He sent me the facebook link to the event. I read about it. I really wanted to go, I have been wanting to go diving more, I need to expand my social network etc., but I get nervous. I asked a friend if she wants to come, but she has to work, ack. What if I look stupid by myself, what it, what if. Blahhhhk, I could make myself crazy. I investigated the event, decided I'd go with or without my friend. I talked to the organizer today. Will rent equipment tomorrow. It will be fun. I am really excited about it actually despite my shy misgivings. Watch out world this could be a whole new me.

Last time I was diving!


Tricia said...

That is so awesome. Have fun!

Jabulani said... exciting. I hope you have an utter blast.

Overcoming a shy self is not something done in one easy step. I took my Twitter a/c public which for me was a HUGE step. Was a little scary there for a while but now I enjoy "meeting" different folk. I also started up a new public blog and so far, no-one's eaten me yet. You'll be fine ;)

Psst, if ya get nervous, talk to the fish!

badassdadblog said...

I promise we'll be nice! This is our first time diving with this group too, so we'll keep each other company. Looking forward to meeting you in person and diving with you!

Lisa said...

Such an amazing day. Thanks badassdadblog!

JaxMom said...