Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good News and Caution

Back in New York, I have now finished my scans, tests and seen my favorite ortho onc, and I'm still healthy. Yep declared to be in excellent shape. No sign of any recurrent or metastatic disease. She was amazed by how much I can do, how strong my ankle. Everyhting is good. We went through the usual discussion of my recent athletic pursuits and she gave me that look. That look I remember from when I asked if I could get out of the wheelchair because I wanted to exercise by using crutches. Well, not quite the same but still I knew the look. She is happy about what I can do, happy about how strong I am, proud that I have focused on getting healthy and strong, but worried about me starting to run long distances. She is OK with the triathlon, but warned against pushing myself to hard. As she says the constant banging on a post radiation heel and ankle can be hard on the ankle. Further, apparently the radiation weakens the bone and makes stress fractures more likely and post radiation stress fractures might never heel. So, Be Careful is what she said. She wants a picture of me crossing the finish line. She was not so subtle about pursuing any longer distance running- that got a serious negative.

Ok, I can deal with all of this. I'll listen to my body. I'll be careful, I promise. I worked too hard to keep my ankle and to get in shape to let anything derail that.


Jeanne said...

Lisa--this is great news, and I love the new photo!

The whole push-pull with your doctor over how much you can do will probably be an on-going issue. Hope you can do the things you most want to do--I still remember the waterskiing!

You had such a great time, and that was against doctor's orders, right?

Some info on post-radiation fractures: I just found out the that fracture in my pubic bone (caused by a met) that was radiated more than a year and a half ago still hasn't healed. Not a big deal because of where it is, just a piece of evidence for you to consider.

Lisa said...

Thanks Jeanne, We'll see how things go. Her message was basicaly a big caution and reminder. A reminder I didn't want, but I know is right.