Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birthday Poisoning

I never used to believe that it was possible to lose the ability to tolerate certain foods.  I have a friend who used to be a vegetarian and she would claim that eating things with even a hint of meat in them would make her sick because she hadn't had meat in so long.  I laughed at her. I thought that line of thinking crazy, but nonetheless when she came over for dinner I would cook the meat in a separate pan out of respect.  For months now, I have been eating super healthy- very little salt, minimal processed food, pretty much no refined sugar, only whole wheat bread and pasta and only that rarely.  I pretty much eat nonfat yogurt, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables.  You get the idea, but this was my birthday weekend and the people at work got me a princess cake.  This thing was beautiful-  white cake with mascarpone cheese on the inside, white frosting, topped off with some kind of marsipan thing.  Sugar on top of sugar on top fat and sugar.  I ate a piece it was delicious.  I felt a sugar rush and then CRASH.  Within 15 minutes, my friend said he could see it in my eyes- serious crash.  I was weak, dizzy, nauseous, couldn't focus.  It was awful.  I tried eating something healthy to feel better no luck.  4 hours later, I still felt like hell, so I decided to go for a run since eating good food wasn't helping. Finally I felt almost back to normal, my trainer claims that is what I should have done in the first place.  Seriously, bad.  No more cake for me. I truly felt poisoned, ick. 

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JaxMom said...

When I was eating healthy, exercising ALL the time, etc. way back when around Kimmy's wedding and lost all of that weight, if I would eat too much, or eat fried food, I would feel sick too.

I have slowly gotten over it though. While I feel sorry for your cake, I think this is kind of a good problem?